Handmade Natural Soap Gift Box – Invigorating Selection


Our exquisite, thoughtfully composed Invigorating Selection soap gift boxes contain 3 fresh and invigorating fragranced handmade soaps packaged in a beautiful white gift box with our logo details to the top and secured with a hand tied white ribbon. Inside, your handmade soaps are delicately wrapped in white tissue paper to protect and keep them perfect just for you. You’ll also find within your handmade soap gift box a slatted bamboo soap dish to help you get the most from your soaps, enjoy, x

  • X 1 Tea Tree and Eucalyptus handmade soap
  • X 1 Spa day bar handmade soap
  • X 1 Peppermint Wake-up bar handmade soap
  • X 1 Bamboo slatted soap dish

Each soap 100g (approximate weight)

5 in stock

100% natural