Lavender Essential oil

Historical accounts describe Lavender essential oil being used for medical purposes for thousands of years. It’s of no surprise it remains a very popular essential oil. It’s beautifully calming fresh fragrance is perfect used alone as in our Wedding Belles cold processed soap or blended with other essential oils as in our Sunset, Bouquet, Cherish and Olive Garden soaps. Whatever way it’s used it fragrance shines.

Evidence suggests this wonderful essential oil supports the relief of headaches and its natural calming abilities aid the relief of stress. It’s also long been associated with supporting a good sleep pattern. Furthermore, lavender essential oil has natural antimicrobial properties which help fight against fungal and bacterial infections. For this reason, we blend it with tea tree oil to fragrance our increasingly popular Olive Garden soap as we believe it to be the perfect way to protect and cleanse skin after a hard day gardening. However, because of its intense cleansing, protective and moisturising qualities we are also finding this soap increasingly popular with builders, farmers and other professions which include an element of manual activity. In all we ask the question where would we be without this wonderful essential oil given the evidence to support its wide-ranging benefits.

100% natural