About Barmby on the Marsh artisan soaps

Barmby on the Marsh Artisan Soaps is a family run business set in the heart of the beautiful rural East Riding of Yorkshire. We are a specialist handmade soap manufacturer producing traditionally handcrafted cold process natural soaps. We use only natural ingredients in our handmade soap, select the finest and most beneficial natural oils and butters and, skilfully fragrance our soaps with natural essential oils. Wherever possible, we use locally sourced ingredients.

Our skin loving artisan soaps are kind enough to be used by almost everyone from infants through to the more mature skin types. Our favourite all-natural soap is made with our beautiful baby of the family in mind, Ava Grace baby bar, which is a gentle unscented skin loving olive oil based natural soap complimented by the addition of cleansing coconut oil, buttermilk and organic carrot puree.

All our handmade soaps are gentle, moisturising and nourishing. They do not contain harsh parabens or artificial additives. Our aim is to provide a natural soap suitable for every member of the family with a varied range to choose from and additional limited editions making guest appearances throughout the year. Our artisan soap bars have individual personalities each one being determined by the selection of specially selected ingredients which aim to pamper and nourish.

All our soaps are palm oil free.

How we started

A family holiday in the beautiful south west of France is responsible for our interest, or perhaps best described as our all-consuming passion, with cold process soaps. Whilst wandering around a quaint village market we stumbled upon a lovely stall selling locally produced cold process soaps, the aroma was intoxicating and thereafter we had the bug!!

Our interest grew along with our family. New additions to any family are thought provoking. In our case we asked ourselves ‘what are the ingredients contained within off the shelf baby toiletries?’ We considered the myriad of skin care products available for babies and young children. Many containing unpronounceable names and unrecognisable chemical references. Not particularly reassuring. Forever, proactive we decided to have a go ourselves.

We now produce a varied range of skin loving handmade soaps each with individual personalities, four of which are unscented and four of which are vegan friendly. However, importantly, all of our handmade soaps are 100% natural and made with love from us to you.